Professional fees (with effect from 1st August 2022):

– Individual counselling/psychotherapy £105 per one hour session
– Counselling/psychotherapy for more than one person, £105 per one hour session plus £25 per one hour session for each additional person, so:
– Couples counselling/psychotherapy £105 plus £25 equals £130 per one hour session
– Family counselling for one parent and one child £105 plus £25 equals £130 per one hour session
– Family counselling for two parents and one child £105 plus £25 plus £25 equals £155 per one hour session

Sometimes during couples and family counselling not every member of the couple or family is required to attend each session, in which case the lower fee is applicable for that session.

Dr Weston’s professional fees tend to be higher than other local counsellors, although not all, to reflect qualifications to a high level (e.g. doctorate in effectiveness of psychotherapies, BACP senior accredited counsellor/psychotherapist and BACP senior accredited clinical supervisor), number of years of clinical experience and track record of successful outcomes, as described elsewhere on this website.

– Individual supervision £77 per one hour session, so a 1.5 hour session £115.00
– Group supervision from £124 per one hour session, subject to negotiation dependent upon number of supervisees, type of responsibility etc.

Therapy groups, training courses and lectures are subject to individual arrangements.

This Counselling Service is confidential. No one will be informed that you are coming to counselling without your consent. The only exceptions to this are times when I am seriously concerned about your well being or someone you know. Such circumstances are extremely rare and I will ordinarily discuss this with you beforehand. There are some circumstances, where I am required by law to disclose information and these are ongoing child abuse, terrorist threats or drug trafficking (not drug use).

You can contact Dr Tony Weston on 01223-894896 (phone is answered by a receptionist 24/7) or email him at to make an initial appointment.