In addition to in-person appointments I also offer online or phone appointments.

For in-person appointments, when you first arrive, you will usually be asked to complete one or more psychological questionnaires. These help us both to understand what problems you might be experiencing and provide a benchmark upon which you and I can measure and monitor improvement. For online/ phone appointments I will send these to you for completion and return prior to our first appointment.

Part of the initial dialogue is what goals you have, what you would like to achieve and something of the background that leads to this situation. If after the first session you decide you would like to work with Dr Weston then you will ordinarily be asked to take away further psychological questionnaires relevant to your situation and goals to complete and return in a stamped addressed envelop. For online/ phone appointments I’ll email these to you for completion and return. Usually at your second session you will be given the results of all of the questionnaires you have completed and an initial plan to help you achieve your goals. The research evidence is that ongoing monitoring of desired outcomes makes a unique contribution to the quality of those outcomes. A typical real-life example of ongoing monitoring towards the alleviation of distress outcome is shown below.

core exampleIn this example the client started with a moderate-severe level of distress which had reduced to a non-clinical level of distress at the eleventh session.

Sometimes further goals emerge as an ongoing process of therapy and these can be accommodated along the way and worked towards.

You can contact Dr Tony Weston on 01223-894896 (phone is answered by a receptionist 24/7) or email him at to make an initial appointment.