If you are reading this, chances are you may be struggling to fully enjoy the challenges of being a parent. Being a parent can be a great source of joy, and there can be times when it is a real struggle, causing us stress and perhaps lead to us not being as kind as we would prefer to be, particularly when we are finding our children especially difficult to deal with.

Working with a qualified clinical supervisor and counsellor/ psychotherapist through Support with Parenting can help us to (1) be more effective as a parent and (2) help us to reduce our stress levels.

Learning to parent more effectively can help reduce our stress levels, lead to improved communication (both ways), lead to greater insight into ourselves and others, and happier children.

As a qualified clinical supervisor Dr Tony Weston enjoys working in a Support with Parenting role to help clients who want to parent more effectively, perhaps with children they find difficult to deal with.

You can contact Dr Tony Weston on 01223-894896 (phone is answered by a receptionist 24/7) or email him at tony.weston5@btinternet.com to make an initial appointment.