Tony works with clients upon a wide range of problems and difficulties they are experiencing and this website describes some of the outcomes clients have had from their work together. Tony works with clients in a number of different formats, including individual clients, couples, families, either with or without children in attendance. Clients sometimes, and not always, know what they want from counselling and may describe one or more problems that they would like to work on, these might include:

Anxiety feeling fearful/on edge in a number of different guises

Depression feeling down, hopeless, despairing, numb and so on

General Counselling for a wide range of problems, such as loss and bereavement, bullying, abuse, addictions, eating problems, and so on

Anger Management when important values of ours have been contravened by other(s)

Personality Problems, such as borderline/emotionally unstable, avoidant, passive-aggressive, anti-social, paranoid, and so on

Sometimes underlying these presenting problems are a range of mechanisms that might be giving rise to particular problems and these might include:

Attachment Styles, the extent to which a person feels the need to avoid emotional expression and/or feels at risk of losing/missing important others

Rejection Sensitivity, acting in ways in order to defend one-self from being rejected by others (sometimes the strategies to prevent rejection can become self-fulfilling)

Feeling and thoughts that may cause difficulties

Being Oneself daring to be who you really are

Working with the presenting problem(s) and underlying mechanisms can give rise to lasting change.

You can contact Dr Tony Weston on 01223-894896 (phone is answered by a receptionist 24/7) or email him at to make an initial appointment…