People looking for a counsellor sometimes, and not always, have an idea of the kind of difficulties they are experiencing and would like help with. So they might present with a particular problem, for example they might feel they are struggling with anxiety or have been told by their GP that they are depressed. Some of the different presenting problems clients seek help with are described in the following webpages, along with some practice-based research of the kinds of outcomes previous clients have experienced at this service:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. Anger Management
  4. General Counselling
  5. Personality Problems

In addition to these so-called presenting problems, clients might have some underlying difficulties that are contributing to these problems, perhaps some of the mechanisms that are causing these problems might include:

  1. Attachment Styles
  2. Rejection Sensitivity
  3. Feelings and thoughts
  4. Being Oneself

Sometimes people looking for a counsellor might know the particular counselling format they would like help in. For example they might wish to be an Individual Client or know that they experiencing difficulty in their romantic relationship and would like to be Couples Clients. Sometimes one or more individuals in a family are experiencing difficulties and you might like to be Family Clients. These are most suitable for young adults, teenagers or older pre-teens. Parents of younger children might like help in parenting children and wish to be Parent Clients.

Workplaces sometimes pay for employees to attend counselling as Employee Clients.

People who work with people sometimes like support with the people they work with, for example healthcare workers, executive managers/ business owners and others may wish to be Consultancy Supervision Clients in which you receive help in working with the people you encounter through your role, e.g. patients, customers, clients, staff, and so on.

Please contact Tony if you would like further information or to make an appointment.

You can contact Dr Tony Weston on 01223-894896 (phone is answered by a receptionist 24/7) or email him at to make an initial appointment.