Evidence-based counselling can be delivered in a number of different formats, depending upon the circumstances. Most often when people think about counselling they think about being seen as an individual client for help with particular issues they are facing.

Sometimes clients have an awareness that there are difficulties in their couple relationship or within their family that they would like to tackle.

Additionally difficulties experienced by an individual can be addressed within the context of the couple or family, wherein one person (or more) is ‘the identified patient’. Examples might include a spouse who wants help from their partner to address an addiction or a young adult experiencing difficulty who wants support from parent(s).

There are some counselling formats that are suited to work-related issues and these can include when the employer pays or when the client wants support in dealing with people they encounter through work.

The following sections provide more information about different counselling formats:

Coaching clients for people who want more out of life, you are less likely to be highly distressed and looking for more of a developmental focus

Individual clients for when one person has some problem(s) they would like to address and/or they would like some help with how to handle some particular relationship issues, perhaps to do with work or home

Couples clients for when there are problems within the couple relationship and/or one or both people are struggling with issues individually that they would like help and support with, within the couple relationship

Family clients for when there are problems within the family relationships and/or one or more people have some problem(s) they are seeking to deal with and would like the help and support of their whole family or particular people within the family

Parent clients for when children are experiencing difficulties and one (or more) parent(s) would like support in helping their child. This can be especially helpful for younger children

Employee clients for when an employer wishes to pay for their employee to attend counselling

Consultancy supervision clients for clients who want help, support and advice in dealing with people they encounter through their work, e.g. staff, patients, clients, customers and so on

If you are unsure, guidance and advice can be provided about what counselling format might be most appropriate in your circumstances.

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